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Portland Customer Success = PCS (Primary, Central, Smart)

P: Primary Revenue (Revenue Growth Through Renewal, Expansion  & Customer Advocacy) 

C: Central Focus (Customer Feedback Mechanisms Drive Empathy & Product/Market Fit) 

S: Smart Decisions (Data Driven Go To Market Strategies & Agile Iteration) 

The PCS Program:

  • Segmentation, Benchmarking & Intelligent Service Modeling
  • Engagement & Lifecycle Map Creation
  • Health Score Development
  • Feedback Mechanism Construction
  • Technology Selection and Implementation:
    • Gainsight, Totango, ClientSuccess, StrikeDeck, ChurnZero, Amity & More
  • Recruiting & Talent Placement
  • Education & Training

The PEOPLE - A Complete Network Of CS Experts

We've been bringing CS Professionals together for years and are now finally opening up our expansive network to our clients.  Take advantage of our vast network to ensure that best practices and the latest technology is being used when developing your CS program and services.