Portland Customer Success Consultants

Programs + People

Portland Customer Success = PCS (Primary Central Smart)

P: Primary Revenue Stream (Revenue Growth Through Renewal, Expansion & Advocacy) 

C: Central Corporate Focus (Customer Empathy & Feedback Assists Product Market Fit) 

S: Smart Decisions (Data Driven Go To Market Strategies) 

Our proven, proprietary Customer Success consultants and program include such features as:

  • Customer Engagement Lifecycle Mapping
  • System Selection and Implementation (Gainsight, Totango, ClientSuccess, et al)
  • Customer Segmentation and Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Mapping By Tier
  • 1:Many Communication and Account Management Methodologies
  • Business Process Optimization and Execution
  • Direction and Guidance To Make Your Company Truly Customer Centric
  • Customer Success Manager Recruiting, Interview & Hiring Guidance - Know What Competencies To Look For

The PEOPLE - A Complete Network Of CS Experts

We've been bringing CS Professionals together for years and are now finally opening up our expansive network to our clients.  Take advantage of our Portland CS connections to ensure the very best practices and latest technology is being used when developing your CS program and services. 

Let's leverage that experience and those insights to help your business implement and scale your world-class Success, Services & Support organizations.