Friends Of Portland Customer Success

Tom O'Keefe: CEO, 4-Tell

Aaron led all of our customer success initiatives and quickly deployed critical process and technology upgrades that have led to a 5X improvement in churn and customer satisfaction. 

While his impact on our balance sheet was dramatic his effect on our team and culture was even more valuable. Simply put Aaron is a game changer.

Matt Zelen: CCO, Act-On

Aaron Thompson has a genuine level of passion for Customer Success that I've rarely seen. He studies CS as a discipline for the latest trends and innovations and surfaces that information to his colleagues through various social and direct channels. Portland Customer Success as well.

Aaron has been great to work with through the Leading Customer Success Peer Group and he facilitates our Summit sessions with energy, attention to detail, clear communication and complete follow through.

Robert Jacko: VP, Homage

Aaron's attention to detail and though leadership pushed us to get "outside the box" with our approach of how we engage our customers and his affinity for complete transparency allowed us to experience value before investing in more technology.

His allegiance lies with making is customers as successful as possible through modern, effective Customer Success strategies.

Will Rose: Director, T-Mobile

Aaron takes incredible care in understanding the needs of his customer. In short order, he went from valued partner to an integral member of our team.

Aaron always treated us as if we were his only customer. His commitment is second to none.