What Is Customer Success?

Customer Success is a shift in organizational focus from selling product to delivering value. Companies who cultivate customer-centric experiences will increase retention, expand adoption, and drive exponential revenue growth.

Portland Customer Success

The Best CS In The US


  • CS Strategy & Education
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Lifecycle & Experience Mapping
  • Onboarding Evaluation & Improvement
  • Quantification of Cost To Serve
  • Customer Health Scoring
  • CSM/AM Compensation & KPI Development
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Technology Purchasing Assistance
  • QBR Preparation & Training
  • Community Creation & Strategy

Why Should I Care?

Customers Are Expensive...Or Not

Customer Acquisition Cost averages $.13 for $1.00 of Renewal Revenue

Customer Acquisition Cost averages $1.18 for $1.00 of Net New Revenue

That's 1/10th the cost...1/10th!

PCS Makes Everyone Better

Portland Customer Success will help you lay the groundwork early to ensure Customer Lifetime Value is maximized, CAC is minimized and your margins skyrocket.

EVERY Other Organization Should Benefit From CS:

  • Marketing spends less in CAC
  • Sales Receives Warmer Leads
  • Product Understands The Market More Closely
  • Engineering Knows The Hierarchy of Work
  • Executives Have Visibility Into The Health Of The Business
  • The Entire Company Works Better Together

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A Brief Overview of Portland Customer Success